YOU ARE Welcome

We are a diverse and welcoming group of people: families and individuals, different ages and backgrounds, chatty people and quiet people. Whoever you are, whatever your situation, we welcome you. You are welcome exactly as you are. Don't change a thing!

When & WHere?

We get together every Sunday morning 11am, at St. Mary’s Church, Swan Lane, Little Chart, TN27 0PT.

We are a church but not as you might expect.

What To Expect

We are very informal and we always aim to have fun!

This is (roughly) what happens: from 11.00am - meet up, chat, have a coffee, tea, or squash, maybe eat some cake, sit around café-style tables. Then around 11.15am we open with a song or two. Then we discuss how our own experiences of life in the 21st century relate to a topical Bible reading. There’s a chance to listen and to be listened to - to ask questions and to work out things together. Often what we do includes an activity: art, craft, watching a video clip - it varies!

Every week has a different theme. Often these are linked together as part of a larger series, but each week's theme can always be enjoyed on its own.

Who Are WE?

Cornerstone is part of The Church of England and belongs to The G7 Benefice led by the Rev. Sheila Cox, in the Diocese of Canterbury.

We are led by a small team of leaders. We are a diverse group of people, working out together how we can: live fuller and more meaningful lives, make our communities stronger, and help create a better world for everyone.